14I am a lawyer, mental health counselor, mediator, author, and coach who is passionate about lawyers and legal professionals. My mission is to educate and inspire people to live their lives stress less. I am using my experiences and educational skills to foster change in the way lawyers handle stressful life challenges. I am known as ‘The Stress Less Lawyer’ because I believe the position of a lawyer should be acted out justly, with mercy and humility.

In 2015, I started gathering my thoughts on how to be ‘stress less’ after reflecting on my journey of becoming a licensed attorney years earlier. I decided to establish ‘the stress less lawyer’ as a way to turn the discomfort of that moment into the purpose of a lifetime. I am currently writing a book which I hope will be a resource for law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals navigating their way through dark and difficult times in their lives. Through the means of professional training (workshops & seminars), counseling, coaching, and mediating, I plan is to inspire you to become a stress less lawyer too.

Whether you are seeking assistance in stress management or you are a lawyer seeking more ways to stress less, please feel free to contact me.